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Expresso Studio Madness! Batman T-shirts FTW

It’s been crazy in the Expresso studios the last week or so so I thought I should upload a couple of pictures. So amped with my Jay Jays stuff as well, loving the nerd shirts! You gotta get all the Batman stuff before the movie comes out! Going to be first in line with my Dark Knight t-shirt son! Check Jay Jays’ their Facebook page here.

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My First Jay Jays Shopping Spree

Some of you will already know that last week my sponsorship with Jay Jays began. This is a brand I’m super keen to work with because of their extensive range of licenced products from awesome geek companies. Marvel, DC and Activision are just a few of the rad products they hold. Being on TV and representing gaming, technology and everything nerdy, it makes sense for me to partner with these awesome guys!

Yesterday I went on a little shopping spree at the Cavendish Square branch and got some awesome loot. I’ll be Tweeting and Facebooking photos of me adorning the merch throughout the week, but in the meantime here’re a few things I picked up and which they have stock of right now. So sick.

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