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The Helo TC vs The AR Drone

Ewan Strydom and myself review a couple of smartphone-enabled drones on Expresso. Namely the Helo TC and the AR Drone. It’s the first in a series on technology sponsored by Dial Direct. Thought it was a very well-put together insert by the team. Well done!

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Win a Limited Edition Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900 on Expresso

Nokia are giving away epic limited edition Batman Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900s on Expresso. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself dressed as Batman going crazy to Expresso’s Facebook wall. Watch the video for all the details!

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Two Rad Gizmos for iPhone Users On-The-Go

I got a brand new package from KNR FlatRock the other day with these two amazing little products for your iPhone. These are must haves for people who are on the move.

The first is the BlueLounge Mini Dock. It works with both your iPhone and iPod. The idea is that it creates a stand or cradle for your device when it’s plugged into the wall, getting it off of the table and desk. It’s great if you need the screen on display while the device is charging, don’t want to carry around extra cables or need a quick charge in a public space without having your phone lying around. It’s very cool.

The second device is the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve. It’s a powerful second battery for your iPhone, iPod and iPad that doesn’t fit on as a cumbersome cover. It’s got a keyring attachment that is useful if you’re on the road and need some extra power throughout the day. The Juice Pack Reserve has a cool rubber cover that protects the internal battery through some pretty rough abuse. Perfect for a long trip or the businessperson who needs the extra power on a busy day.

Pick these up from Juice Pack and Mini Dock.

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Awesome Nerd Stained Glass

I stumbled across this crazy-cool post on The Mary Sue of some awesome stained glass logos and characters from nerd-related things. Judy Mascolo is the genius behind these stained glass creations, a project she calls Nerd Glass. She explains on her site the origins and inspiration behind the project:

“I found the art of Stained Glass after the death of my husband.  I literally lost myself in the cutting, grinding, and creation of unique and beautiful pieces of glass. Over time I made many of the traditional nature, geometric pieces, and some original pieces.  Within a few years I found that I was well skilled with these subjects and perhaps even a bit bored.

My son, who develops video games, suggested that I go outside the box and do something less traditional.  The suggestion was to make pieces aimed at a particular group of people like him, who walked on the nerdier side of life. Since I am also a bit of a nerd, I found the idea intriguing. That is how Judy’s Nerd Glass began.”

See if you can recognize all of the symbols and characters and go and visit her site. She does special orders as well.

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XtremeMac Folio iPad Cover

After getting the new iPad, you can imagine my excitement when I recieved the XtremeMac Micro Folio case. It’s your standard iPad cover that fits both the new iPad as well as the old, perfect if you’re getting the iPad 2 at its reduced prices now, with the possibility of upgrading to the 3rd next generation when the 4th is available, then this might be the perfect iPad cover for you.

It has a rather convincing carbon fibre finish which looks really hot. My favourite feature is probably its most subtle: It’s damn thin and covers the back. The Apple Smart Cover doesn’t protect the back of the iPad so this a welcomed feature. And let’s not forget to mention that it has the Smart Cover auto-locking feature.

The upright standing position is my least favourite as it’s the least stable position which makes clicking on it is almost impossible. It gets better the more you wear the cover in and to be honest, you seldom have to touch the device once it’s standing to display.

All in all, a sexy and robust cover that’s definitely worth your money, especially if you’ve got the iPad 2, plan on upgrading in the next year and don’t want the expense of another cover.

Buy it from Takealot here.

Photos by Nico van Blerk.

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Expresso Studio Madness! Batman T-shirts FTW

It’s been crazy in the Expresso studios the last week or so so I thought I should upload a couple of pictures. So amped with my Jay Jays stuff as well, loving the nerd shirts! You gotta get all the Batman stuff before the movie comes out! Going to be first in line with my Dark Knight t-shirt son! Check Jay Jays’ their Facebook page here.

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Cash Converters and Expresso Tech Search

Check out Katlego and I completely rock out Cash Converters looking for technology on Expresso. We had loads of fun as you can see. I think Kat’s got some type of crazy genome that makes him the lunatic that he is. Watch!

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Deep Fried Technology

Photographer Henry Hargreaves did this series where he deep fried a few gadgets. Because it’s art or something. The thing that really amazed me about this story is that the iPad and Macbook’s screens are still functioning. After dipping it in frying oil. Frying oil. Miracle.

Source Coolhunting.

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Skateboarding At 1000 Frames A Second

Some of the most subtle and epic skateboarding footage I’ve seen. This is what you get when you throw together a few great skaters and a 1000 frames a second. Sheer perfection.

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Nokia Maps on Expresso

I show Graeme Richards how to use Nokia Maps. Also I see Dene Botha chat to Katlego at the beginning of the clip. They’re rad, Nokia Maps is super easy to use plus we have ice coffees.