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Photorealistic Cartoon Characters

In an interesting Photoshop contest on Worth1000, contestants were challenged to Photoshop realistic images of their favourite cartoon characters. The result were interesting to say the least…

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Awesome Nerd Stained Glass

I stumbled across this crazy-cool post on The Mary Sue of some awesome stained glass logos and characters from nerd-related things. Judy Mascolo is the genius behind these stained glass creations, a project she calls Nerd Glass. She explains on her site the origins and inspiration behind the project:

“I found the art of Stained Glass after the death of my husband.  I literally lost myself in the cutting, grinding, and creation of unique and beautiful pieces of glass. Over time I made many of the traditional nature, geometric pieces, and some original pieces.  Within a few years I found that I was well skilled with these subjects and perhaps even a bit bored.

My son, who develops video games, suggested that I go outside the box and do something less traditional.  The suggestion was to make pieces aimed at a particular group of people like him, who walked on the nerdier side of life. Since I am also a bit of a nerd, I found the idea intriguing. That is how Judy’s Nerd Glass began.”

See if you can recognize all of the symbols and characters and go and visit her site. She does special orders as well.

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Abandoned City Overrun By Animals

Photographer Richard Allenby-Pratt has done a series of photographs that truly captures the distorted reality that we are somehow unstoppable in our idea of human ‘progress’, whatever that means. The series is called Abandoned and each photo looks like a scene out of I Am Legend as it documents a rundown Dubai with rare wild animals walking the streets. It’s captivating.

Full gallery here.

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