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Men vs Women: Internet Addiction (Infographic)

Check out this awesome infographic detailing the diff ended and similarities between men and women with Internet Addiction.



Font Superhero Alter Egos

Matthew Olin, a graphic designer from Minnesota has done a series of font portraits displaying their superhero alter-egos. If you’re a graphic designer and a geek like myself, there’s very little that can excite you as much as this idea. Check out Matthew’s site here.


Source Design Taxi.

What Mad Men Would Earn Today

What would the Mad Men be earning in 2012? This infographic politely informs us.


Source: DesignTaxi

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Retro Movie Posters

Insane graphic designer and artist John ‘Houzer’ Smith has done a crazy series of movie posters and tv show posters in a distinctly retro. Follow him Twitter and check out his blog.

Source Geek Tyrant

Adventure Time Meets Studio Ghibli

An amazing 17 year old artist, David Davis, has done these incredible illustrations that marry Studio Ghibli’s evocative art style with that of Adventure Time’s iconic characters. If you like either, you’ll appreciate this insanely cool animated mashup. Check out David’s blog here.

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Infographic: Average Facebook User

Some interesting statistics on the average Facebook user. Rather insightful into how people interact online.


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Photorealistic Cartoon Characters

In an interesting Photoshop contest on Worth1000, contestants were challenged to Photoshop realistic images of their favourite cartoon characters. The result were interesting to say the least…

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Awesome Nerd Stained Glass

I stumbled across this crazy-cool post on The Mary Sue of some awesome stained glass logos and characters from nerd-related things. Judy Mascolo is the genius behind these stained glass creations, a project she calls Nerd Glass. She explains on her site the origins and inspiration behind the project:

“I found the art of Stained Glass after the death of my husband.  I literally lost myself in the cutting, grinding, and creation of unique and beautiful pieces of glass. Over time I made many of the traditional nature, geometric pieces, and some original pieces.  Within a few years I found that I was well skilled with these subjects and perhaps even a bit bored.

My son, who develops video games, suggested that I go outside the box and do something less traditional.  The suggestion was to make pieces aimed at a particular group of people like him, who walked on the nerdier side of life. Since I am also a bit of a nerd, I found the idea intriguing. That is how Judy’s Nerd Glass began.”

See if you can recognize all of the symbols and characters and go and visit her site. She does special orders as well.

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Deep Fried Technology

Photographer Henry Hargreaves did this series where he deep fried a few gadgets. Because it’s art or something. The thing that really amazed me about this story is that the iPad and Macbook’s screens are still functioning. After dipping it in frying oil. Frying oil. Miracle.

Source Coolhunting.

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Nokia Maps on Expresso

I show Graeme Richards how to use Nokia Maps. Also I see Dene Botha chat to Katlego at the beginning of the clip. They’re rad, Nokia Maps is super easy to use plus we have ice coffees.