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Retro Movie Posters

Insane graphic designer and artist John ‘Houzer’ Smith has done a crazy series of movie posters and tv show posters in a distinctly retro. Follow him Twitter and check out his blog.

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Heroes in Other Universes: Posters

A rad artist called Kostas Seremetis did a series of posters illustrating alternate universes our favourite heroes could’ve been in. They’re conceptual and cool and totally worth your respect!

Check out his site and follow his ass on Twitter! Oh, and then if you like these a whole lot, go and buy some prints here. 

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Graeme: A Short Film

Got sent this very touching short film called ‘Graeme’ about a mature skateboarder in the UK who has Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s beautiful and moving.

The video description says it best:

“Graeme is a passionate skateboarder who has been a staple of the London skate community for 25 years. A regular fixture at every skating event, his eccentricities and enthusiasm for the sport are accentuated through his condition, Asperger’s syndrome.

Everyone has something in their life that puts a smile on their face; for Graeme this is skating.”

Give it a watch.

Epic Avengers LEGO Weapons

BuriedByBricks on Flickr put together this epic Avengers costume gear out of LEGO. What a champion.

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Cartoon Skeletons

Just some skeletons of old school cartoon characters by a dude named Hyungko Lee. Thanks Shawn Roos.

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The Latest Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Here’s the latest The Amazing Spider-Man trailer that got released today. Apparently it involves the ‘untold’ story of his parents. I’m pretty sure the comics have already ‘told’ this ‘untold’ story, let me know if I’m wrong.

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Where The Wild Things Are

Had a great evening in last night watching Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are. Must say I was pretty impressed with Jim Henson’s awesome puppet suits made for the film. Go and check it out if you can, it’s a pretty cool watch.

Spike Jonze's Movie Poster

It’s the perfect conversion of this happy little guy:

The original "Where The Wild Things Are"