XtremeMac Folio iPad Cover

After getting the new iPad, you can imagine my excitement when I recieved the XtremeMac Micro Folio case. It’s your standard iPad cover that fits both the new iPad as well as the old, perfect if you’re getting the iPad 2 at its reduced prices now, with the possibility of upgrading to the 3rd next generation when the 4th is available, then this might be the perfect iPad cover for you.

It has a rather convincing carbon fibre finish which looks really hot. My favourite feature is probably its most subtle: It’s damn thin and covers the back. The Apple Smart Cover doesn’t protect the back of the iPad so this a welcomed feature. And let’s not forget to mention that it has the Smart Cover auto-locking feature.

The upright standing position is my least favourite as it’s the least stable position which makes clicking on it is almost impossible. It gets better the more you wear the cover in and to be honest, you seldom have to touch the device once it’s standing to display.

All in all, a sexy and robust cover that’s definitely worth your money, especially if you’ve got the iPad 2, plan on upgrading in the next year and don’t want the expense of another cover.

Buy it from Takealot here.

Photos by Nico van Blerk.

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