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Grannies Watching Dubstep

Just some grannies critiquing dubstep.

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Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats on Expresso

Here are my thoughts of the Katy Perry Expansion Pack, ‘Sweet Treats’ for the Sims 3 on Expresso on SABC 3. Have you played it? What do you think?

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Abandoned City Overrun By Animals

Photographer Richard Allenby-Pratt has done a series of photographs that truly captures the distorted reality that we are somehow unstoppable in our idea of human ‘progress’, whatever that means. The series is called Abandoned and each photo looks like a scene out of I Am Legend as it documents a rundown Dubai with rare wild animals walking the streets. It’s captivating.

Full gallery here.

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Forza Horizon on Expresso: Get Your Preorders In!

On Expresso last week, I told South Africa why they should be getting their preorders for Forza Horizon from Takealot. Here’s the video.

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Expresso Studio Madness! Batman T-shirts FTW

It’s been crazy in the Expresso studios the last week or so so I thought I should upload a couple of pictures. So amped with my Jay Jays stuff as well, loving the nerd shirts! You gotta get all the Batman stuff before the movie comes out! Going to be first in line with my Dark Knight t-shirt son! Check Jay Jays’ their Facebook page here.

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Cash Converters and Expresso Tech Search

Check out Katlego and I completely rock out Cash Converters looking for technology on Expresso. We had loads of fun as you can see. I think Kat’s got some type of crazy genome that makes him the lunatic that he is. Watch!

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Deep Fried Technology

Photographer Henry Hargreaves did this series where he deep fried a few gadgets. Because it’s art or something. The thing that really amazed me about this story is that the iPad and Macbook’s screens are still functioning. After dipping it in frying oil. Frying oil. Miracle.

Source Coolhunting.

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Skateboarding At 1000 Frames A Second

Some of the most subtle and epic skateboarding footage I’ve seen. This is what you get when you throw together a few great skaters and a 1000 frames a second. Sheer perfection.

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Nokia Maps on Expresso

I show Graeme Richards how to use Nokia Maps. Also I see Dene Botha chat to Katlego at the beginning of the clip. They’re rad, Nokia Maps is super easy to use plus we have ice coffees.