Takealot Diablo III Launch on Expresso

Some of you might of heard, watched or even been a part of it, as we launched Diablo III on South African television with South African online retailer, Takealot. It was epic as we packed the Expresso studio in Cape Town from 9pm till after midnight, a surprising feat seeing as though the game was handed out at 11pm. Cosplay, fire dancers, Diablo III and awesome great vibes where to be had. On the show the following morning we had Cape Town Cosplay members, Freltana Cosplay and KomboKitten join us dressed in character. Even Glenn Alexander from 2upgamers was there to be a part of things!

I’m super proud to have been a part of the whole experience, seeing South African gaming hit mainstream media so hard. It just goes to show how much both Takealot and Expresso care about our favourite hobby. It really does help when retailers ‘get it’ and understand why we need our games like yesterday! Order the game from Takealot here.

Check out the vids here:

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2 thoughts on “Takealot Diablo III Launch on Expresso

  1. KomboKitten says:

    Why are the angels wings upside down? :O

    *watches vid*

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