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Leeroy Jenkins: Reimagined as a Short Film



Angry Birds on Expresso on the Nokia Lumia 710

This morning on Expresso I showed Leigh-Anne and Graeme what Angry Birds on the Nokia Lumia 710 is all about. I even wore my Jay Jays Angry Birds shirt in celebration.

Don’t worry. This is my angry face.

Man Chews Off Another Man’s Face: Z Day is Upon Us.

A bizarre yet horrifying story broke today where a man chewed another man’s face and was subsequently shot dead by police in Miami. Apparently cocaine was a probable cause. But heed my warning: This is probably the initial stages of Z Day! Start packing those pantries with baked beans and shotguns.

Watch the video below for all he details.

Source Huffington Post.

My First Jay Jays Shopping Spree

Some of you will already know that last week my sponsorship with Jay Jays began. This is a brand I’m super keen to work with because of their extensive range of licenced products from awesome geek companies. Marvel, DC and Activision are just a few of the rad products they hold. Being on TV and representing gaming, technology and everything nerdy, it makes sense for me to partner with these awesome guys!

Yesterday I went on a little shopping spree at the Cavendish Square branch and got some awesome loot. I’ll be Tweeting and Facebooking photos of me adorning the merch throughout the week, but in the meantime here’re a few things I picked up and which they have stock of right now. So sick.

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New Crysis 3 Screenshots

Just got sent a bunch of new Crysis 3 screenshots. Bow and arrows are very popular this year…

Takealot Diablo III Launch on Expresso

Some of you might of heard, watched or even been a part of it, as we launched Diablo III on South African television with South African online retailer, Takealot. It was epic as we packed the Expresso studio in Cape Town from 9pm till after midnight, a surprising feat seeing as though the game was handed out at 11pm. Cosplay, fire dancers, Diablo III and awesome great vibes where to be had. On the show the following morning we had Cape Town Cosplay members, Freltana Cosplay and KomboKitten join us dressed in character. Even Glenn Alexander from 2upgamers was there to be a part of things!

I’m super proud to have been a part of the whole experience, seeing South African gaming hit mainstream media so hard. It just goes to show how much both Takealot and Expresso care about our favourite hobby. It really does help when retailers ‘get it’ and understand why we need our games like yesterday! Order the game from Takealot here.

Check out the vids here:

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VW’s Hover Car

VW have put out this amazing concept hover car. I’d love to own one! Apparently the concept is that the car uses electro magnets in the road to keep it suspended. Screw the petrol price and put this on the roads immediately!

Source Geeky Gadgets

Trekkies And We Know It Parody

Ye, this is actually pretty funny. Still wanna watch all the series. It’s on my bucket list.

Heroes in Other Universes: Posters

A rad artist called Kostas Seremetis did a series of posters illustrating alternate universes our favourite heroes could’ve been in. They’re conceptual and cool and totally worth your respect!

Check out his site and follow his ass on Twitter! Oh, and then if you like these a whole lot, go and buy some prints here. 

Source Geek Tyrant