Men vs Women: Internet Addiction (Infographic)

Check out this awesome infographic detailing the diff ended and similarities between men and women with Internet Addiction.



Font Superhero Alter Egos

Matthew Olin, a graphic designer from Minnesota has done a series of font portraits displaying their superhero alter-egos. If you’re a graphic designer and a geek like myself, there’s very little that can excite you as much as this idea. Check out Matthew’s site here.


Source Design Taxi.

What Mad Men Would Earn Today

What would the Mad Men be earning in 2012? This infographic politely informs us.


Source: DesignTaxi

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The Helo TC vs The AR Drone

Ewan Strydom and myself review a couple of smartphone-enabled drones on Expresso. Namely the Helo TC and the AR Drone. It’s the first in a series on technology sponsored by Dial Direct. Thought it was a very well-put together insert by the team. Well done!

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Win a Limited Edition Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900 on Expresso

Nokia are giving away epic limited edition Batman Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900s on Expresso. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself dressed as Batman going crazy to Expresso’s Facebook wall. Watch the video for all the details!

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Retro Movie Posters

Insane graphic designer and artist John ‘Houzer’ Smith has done a crazy series of movie posters and tv show posters in a distinctly retro. Follow him Twitter and check out his blog.

Source Geek Tyrant

Adventure Time Meets Studio Ghibli

An amazing 17 year old artist, David Davis, has done these incredible illustrations that marry Studio Ghibli’s evocative art style with that of Adventure Time’s iconic characters. If you like either, you’ll appreciate this insanely cool animated mashup. Check out David’s blog here.

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Two Rad Gizmos for iPhone Users On-The-Go

I got a brand new package from KNR FlatRock the other day with these two amazing little products for your iPhone. These are must haves for people who are on the move.

The first is the BlueLounge Mini Dock. It works with both your iPhone and iPod. The idea is that it creates a stand or cradle for your device when it’s plugged into the wall, getting it off of the table and desk. It’s great if you need the screen on display while the device is charging, don’t want to carry around extra cables or need a quick charge in a public space without having your phone lying around. It’s very cool.

The second device is the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve. It’s a powerful second battery for your iPhone, iPod and iPad that doesn’t fit on as a cumbersome cover. It’s got a keyring attachment that is useful if you’re on the road and need some extra power throughout the day. The Juice Pack Reserve has a cool rubber cover that protects the internal battery through some pretty rough abuse. Perfect for a long trip or the businessperson who needs the extra power on a busy day.

Pick these up from Juice Pack and Mini Dock.

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Infographic: Average Facebook User

Some interesting statistics on the average Facebook user. Rather insightful into how people interact online.


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Photorealistic Cartoon Characters

In an interesting Photoshop contest on Worth1000, contestants were challenged to Photoshop realistic images of their favourite cartoon characters. The result were interesting to say the least…

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